Preparing for Collaborative Care (CoCM) implementation will be unique for each health center. Pre-implementation tasks will vary depending on the services, staff, structure, and resources available at your clinic. These activities are divided into three phases across four process domains: administrative tasks, clinical protocols, workforce, and equipment. The activities in each phase should be addressed concurrently, but some tasks may be prioritized over others depending on the clinic’s needs.

1. Strategize Implementation Needs

2. Address Implementation Barriers

 3. Prepare for Patient Enrollment

How Do We Implement CoCM?


These activities lay the groundwork for implementation, specifically understanding how CoCM will fit into your current services, staff, workflows, and resources.

Learn more about developing your workforce, outlining a new clinical workflow, and preparing appropriate resources to support CoCM in your health center.

How Can We Sustain Our CoCM Program?


After launching a CoCM, health centers must plan and actively work to sustain the model of care. These tasks include optimizing the delivery of your program through quality improvement initiatives and developing a financial model to support CoCM services.

Learn more about how health centers can ensure the long-term availability of quality CoCM services.