When preparing to implement Collaborative Care (CoCM), we will support you in understanding your current behavioral health services and developing a clinical infrastructure to allow for successful practice of CoCM.


Pre-Implementation Assessments

Needs Assessment

Updated: July 26, 2018

The Needs Assessment asks preliminary questions about your community health center (CHC)’s current resources and practices. This information will help MCCIST better understand your strengths and needs and will guide implementation planning. There are two assessments: one to assess your CHC and one to assess each of your clinics. Please complete an assessment for each clinic within the CHC.


Recommended Timeline: Complete the assessment within the first two weeks of pre-implementation planning.

Provider Surveys

Provider surveys will be distributed both pre- and post-implementation, and will be used to better understand your providers’ perceptions and practices of behavioral health services. They will also allow MCCIST to evaluate any practice shifts following CoCM implementation.


Recommended Timeline: Distribute to providers within the first month of implementation planning, to be completed at least two weeks before the site visit.



Where Should we Implement Collaborative Care?

MCCIST Site Selection Tool

This tool can be used to determine which of your clinic sites are best suited for CoCM, and of those sites, which clinic(s) to pilot. The results are just one factor in determining which site(s) to implement CoCM, and are intended to be used as a discussion point for your leadership and administrators. You should also consider additional contextual factors during the decision-making process; MCCIST is available to further discuss these with your team.


Recommended Timeline: Complete the tool within the first month of pre-implementation planning




How can we Prepare for Patient Enrollment?

Staff the CoCM treatment team

Train the CoCM treatment team

Determine the Patient Registry

Outline the Clinical Workflow




Are we Ready to Implement Collaborative Care?

Readiness Assessment

This tool will be used to refine the implementation plan and outline the necessary steps to ensure your clinics will be prepared for patient enrollment. We will use this assessment on two separate occasions throughout the implementation process. We will perform a preliminary assessment months before implementation to define next steps, as well as a final assessment immediately prior to soft launch to ensure your clinics are ready for patient enrollment. We will conduct these assessments at a site visit and/or during an extended teleconference. We encourage you to invite a diverse set of stakeholders to the table, as broad participation from your implementation team tends to produce optimal results.


Recommended Timeline: Perform a preliminary assessment 4 months prior to patient enrollment and a final assessment 1 month prior to patient enrollment


Promotional Materials

Clinic promotional materials are available to help advertise and describe the program for patients, and support referrals to the program from primary care providers. Information, highlighted in yellow should be adapted to reflect contact information for your Collaborative Care treatment team.