Clinical Workflow

A large task in preparing for implementation is defining a clinical workflow that will support Collaborative Care (CoCM). Many new processes need to be defined within the new workflow, including screening, referrals, documentation, monitoring, and follow-up.


Workflow Development

These resources assist your implementation teams to redefine their clinical workflow. These documents should be reviewed and completed with participation from the clinic and behavioral health supervisors.

Clinical Workflow Development Guide

Updated: September 2020

This guide asks specific questions about each process within the CoCM workflow. Your clinical and implementation teams should review these questions to plan how CoCM will fit into your current clinical workflows.

Clinical Workflow Overview

Updated: February 2021

This diagram depicts the processes within the CoCM clinical workflow. The core CoCM processes are bolded in the middle of the page, and external processes are on the left side of the page. This diagram should be edited and/or specified from responses to the workflow development guide.