Quality Improvement for Collaborative Care Programs

Quality improvement initiatives for Collaborative Care (CoCM) programs should be designed to integrate within the larger quality improvement program for the health center. CoCM program leadership should decide how often to meet, who to include, and at what frequency ongoing information should be shared with health center leadership. The following resources will help support these initiatives.

What Aspects of the Program Should Our Team Regularly Review?

Program Review Meeting Guide

CoCM programs should be reviewed regularly to evaluate if the program is being practiced efficiently and effectively, and to provide necessary programmatic oversight to sustain the model.


A specific focus will be placed on patient outcomes, fidelity measures, staffing, and billing practices. This guide outlines recommendations for conducting regular program review meetings.


Developing CoCM programs should meet monthly, mature CoCM programs should meet quarterly. 

What Data Should We Evaluate?

Report Templates

Quantitative data on patient outcome improvements and fidelity measures will allow your quality improvement and leadership teams to measure the performance and impact of the program, as well as advocate for necessary changes to enhance the program’s success. Use these reports during regular program review meetings.


If the health center is using the Excel-based patient registry, these reports are available as tabs within the registry. Please contact our team for additional resources on generating these reports.

Click here for more information on the patient registry.


What Are Strategies to Optimizing Our Program?

Monitoring and Evaluation Guide

This worksheet outlines questions to consider while reviewing the CoCM program reports, specifically highlighting important quality improvement metrics that relate to CoCM. Keep this tool available to help guide thoughtful conversation during program review meetings.


Monitoring for Program Drift and Best Practices

This quick guide outlines key signs that the delivery of the program may be drifting from the evidence base, best practices, and strategies to realign program delivery. Use this tool to help actively monitor your program and discuss opportunities to make your program more efficient.

How Can We Evaluate if the Program is Aligned with the Evidence Base?

Fidelity and Program Measures

Fidelity measures help ensure that CoCM programs are adhering to the core components of the model that produce improved patient outcomes. This guide outlines research behind each measure and how they should be used to monitor the delivery of the program.