It is important that members of the Collaborative Care (CoCM) treatment team understand their roles and the roles of the other team members. We prepare primary care teams to care for patients within the framework of CoCM, specifically training behavioral health care managers (BHCM), psychiatric consultants, and primary care providers (PCP) in the clinical and operational skills necessary to carry out the clinical model. Training for each clinic and team member will vary.


Successful CoCM implementation utilizes the strengths of each team member to optimize patient care, whether medical oversight, care management, or expert psychiatric consultation. For many treatment teams, this will be a new way of practicing integrated team-based behavioral health care. While it may take practice, training and coaching can assist the CoCM treatment team in functioning as a unified, collaborative team.



Training for the CoCM Treatment Team

Training for Clinical Supervisors

The Clinical Supervisor for a CoCM program provides guidance for the treatment team, specifically supervising the BHCM. This training plan should be used to help Clinical Supervisors prepare for their role within the CoCM program.

Training Plan for Clinical Supervisors


Training for Leadership and Support Staff

Health center leadership and support staff should have a basic understanding of CoCM, allowing them to support the treatment team deliver services. This resource provides an overview of the essential components of the model. It is also beneficial to discuss referral procedures for your clinic.

CoCM Overview for Providers and Implementers