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Brief Intervention Tools

Behavioral Activation Tool

Adult Patient Manual for Behavioral Activation, CBT Group Program for Depression – Patient educational resource and workbook via the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry

Problem Solving Therapy Worksheet (Fillable Form)



Diagnostic Guide

DSM-5 Desk Reference for Collaborative Care



Seniors and Older Adults

Webinar: Principles of Geriatric Mental Health in Collaborative Care Settings – Dr. Donovan Maust, Geriatric Psychiatrist

Slides: Principles of Geriatric Mental Health for Collaborative Care Settings – Dr. Donovan Maust, Geriatric Psychiatrist

Communicating Effectively with Older Patients (NIA)

Talking with Older Patients about Sensitive Subjects (NIA)



Perinatal Population

MCPAP for Moms Toolkit

The Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program (MCPAP) created this toolkit to assist front-line perinatal care providers in the prevention, identification, and treatment of depression and other mental health concerns in pregnant and postpartum women (MCPAP for Moms, 2017).

Included in this toolkit are screening tools, assessment tools, and educational information, which may be helpful to CoCM treatment teams.

MotherToBaby Fact Sheets

MotherToBaby fact sheets have been created to answer FAQs about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding, including about psychotropic medications. Users can search by specific generic medication names.

Fact Sheet: Depression and Pregnancy

Fact Sheet: Anxiety and Pregnancy




SBIRT Resources

Click the link above to access resources including: Screening tools, patient education tools, community resources, and clinician guides to practicing SBIRT. This link also includes the presentation slides utilized for the June 2018 SBIRT presentation shared on this page.

Patient Education Materials

The Michigan Medicine Depression Center has a Toolkit that is available to the public. This includes worksheets, checklists, and educational resources. Access the toolkit here.

Seeking Care

How to- Call to Schedule a Therapy Appointment

“What Can I Do…” Patient Worksheet



Resources for Seniors and Older Adults

Depression and Older Adults (NIA)

Tips on Discussing Sensitive Topics with Your Doctor (NIA)



Depression and Anxiety

Learn About Anxiety

Learn About Depression



Sleep Hygiene

Sleep and Your Mental Health

Two Week Sleep Diary (and click here to view a sample sleep diary)


Goal Setting

Weekly Motivator Page

Goal Setting Worksheet



Mindfulness and Relaxation

Mindfulness Packet

Five Senses Grounding Exercise (Pocket Cards) – Providers can print and cut out these cards to share with patients. Some patients find it helpful to keep these cards in their bag, purse, wallet, or pocket to reference in times of need.



Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps and Websites (American Psychological Association)