Primary Care Provider


You will receive training in the Collaborative Care model (CoCM) and associated workflows, specifically the referral and documentation processes. Since you will oversee all aspects of patient care, with support from the Behavioral Health Consultant (BHCM) and the Psychiatric Consultant,  it is important you have an understanding of these processes. You will also learn about the roles and responsibilities of the other CoCM treatment team members.


What is the role of a PCP in CoCM?


Training Plan

We recommend training PCPs during a regular staff meeting, during which clinic leadership and the implementation support team can facilitate education and communicate operational changes. This may also be a good opportunity to educate clinical support staff. MCCIST training specialists are available to provide educational support as desired.


We recommend training PCPs no more than 1 month prior to patient enrollment.

As more patients are enrolled in CoCM, additional coaching may be helpful to review, problem-solve, and possibly revise the new clinical workflow.


Training Materials

Overview of Collaborative Care for Primary Care Providers (Updated: July 26, 2018)

How to Talk to Patients About Collaborative Care (Updated: October 2018)